What is your gmail ID ?

Mine is mandar.deodhar@gmail.com .. not just this but mandardeodhar@gmail.com, m.a.n.d.a.r.d.e.o.d.h.a.r@gmail.com and many more. Total 4096 addresses like this.

Got the trick ?

The dot in you username is redundant. You can place it anywhere (except starting and ending) or just remove it. All mails addresses are valid.

Checkout this screenshot: (open in new tab to see it zoomed)

Just see the red marked stuff. I have sent a test mail to different addresses and all mails are delivered to my Inbox. Also, google is ready to help you out with this Help.

Hence if you are having 'n' letters in your email addresses, the nyou actually own 2^(n-1) distinct email addresses on google. Isn't that interesting ? I just accidentaly discovered it. Digged it a bit and realized its a nice feature. Helpful if you have a website where you are subscribing using trial for few days and login requires a fresh valid mail address. Great.Prince.Of.Czechoslovakia@gmail.com can have 6,71,08,864 addresses. (Dont try to register it now .. its already gone .. yours truly has taken it just now ;-) )

Now the interesting question is why google is doing this ?
My answer is, google's motto is to organize the world's information. For google - mail, blogger, orkut, reader, docs is not just a service. Your user name is a 'profile' which has behavior which can be learn by machine learning algorithm to display targeted advertisements. Removing non characters is a simplest method to do string matching. Hence it gives google a chance to unify your different profiles as one. Any more suggestions are welcome.

Few off topic stuff now .. if you look closely, you can see there is no chat box or send invites box on left side of gmail. They are redundant hence I removed them using some simple hacks. Similarly, the right side advertisements are also totally useless. There is no way I am going to click on them .. Still let them be there .. thats google's bread and butter which allows them to provide great 'g' apps for free.


For last three months I am taking lot of interest in the World of High Finance. Somehow problems, issues, disorganization, failures attract me more than success stories. Today was Black Friday for BSE. Only one script gained 6 paise rest all down. I think this is the time to step in.

Several people told me to wait as the market will go down further. I am not starting the actual investment; I'll involve my brain first, learn things, develop my logic. And by December I'll start using my DMAT account which is blank for last two years.

I am neither an investment banker nor a broker who manage huge sum of money (of others ofcourse). There is no way I can change anything. I'll be managing my small amount thats it. Do not think of investing in MANDY Holding Pvt. Ltd. It has a credit rating of ZZZ--

I need few things from few people. They are so high profile that they can not deny giving it

Courage to take responsibilities and challenges

Some real talents in democratic world

Keeping Humor alive over all success and failures

Mistakes and Yet Arrogance ...

A vision and out of box thinking

You know what ... ;-)
Sales and Marketing skills and his statement I am not afraid to start things from the beginning.

Cut throat competitiveness, vision and professional management

And above all ... patience

et cetera et cetera .. Hope you all don't mind giving it.

Lets see how it goes. Hope I'll find some place in the list above.

Best of Luck to Me !!!! :-)

Thank GOD for everything I have

Today was one of the most challenging day for me on emotional front. I was just returning to normal (see my previous post) I never expected I'll ever face such situation in my life.

I request kind hearted people not to read further.

I visited an old age home - Vruddhashram in Pune and a funeral after words. We know a 'Second Innings House' from Munnabhai movie. Retired people living happily with Vidya Balan. But when we reached there, the situation was different.

I saw a 20x20 room with 8 people. All of them aging more than 70-75 years. Out of 8 people, 2 of them were in coma, 2 were unconscious, one dead for five to six hours and remaining three alive. All together in one small room.
I looked at the faces of three people who were alive. They were waiting for something to happen or someone to come or probably death. Hopelessly hopeful. Even a cold blooded, emotionally rock solid person like me collapsed .. I couldn't look at them again. We just went and took the dead body out.

In tensed, hopeless situations I use smile or humor to get out of it. I remember a statement of Pu. La. Deshpande from Antu Barva : विशाल सागारतीर् आहेनाराळीची बने आहेतपोफळीच्या बागा आहेत .. पण त्या उदात्त तेला दारिद्र्य असे विलक्षण छेद देऊन जातं आणि मग उरत काय .. एक भयाण विनोदाचं अभेद्य असं कवच. Humor .. It works most of the time.

But I couldn't apply that in this situation. Everything failed .. I failed .. just couldn't find a solution .. SAD...

Sometimes I feel machines are better than human beings, they don't have emotions at least .. yet.

Today's experience gave me one very positive feedback. My people. I am very fortunate to have my people around. Knowingly or unknowingly I do things for them, get positive / negative feedback. Generally we don't see the importance of it but today's experience gave me a new meaning to it.

Time to Reinstall the OS

In last few months I have installed too many programs. I feel things are now becoming unmanageable. Infinite tasks to do in finite time. Fortunately, I am very good at automation and multi tasking, still things are becoming difficult now. Its time to system clean up, install upgrades and reboot.

Mandy will be unavailable for next few hours. Unscheduled downtime .. but a must :-)

Input devices will be strictly turned off as they trigger more n more processes. I just can't stop my brain from thinking when I get some input in any form. All output must be ignored as it is not at all moderated by my kernel. Like a drunk person.

Smoking, drinking or loosing control by any other means is just out of question. That never leads to any solution. I'll probably watch first few minutes of Saving Private Ryan , Schindler's List, Swades, Enemy at the Games, Chak De, Lagaan, Independance Day, Matrix etc. Or some kiddish stuff like Home Alone, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Baby's Day Out or Jim Carrey's, Mithun or Rajani's movie.

Or I'll read biography of some scientist, their life, their devotion to the research.

May be I'll do some programming, write some code myself .. haven't written a single line in last 8-10 months :-( A new role : A solution architect is needed now. I'll redefine, optimize some of my concepts, fundamentals, processes to push my limits further.

After reinstall you'll see some new features, better response time, less lukkhagiri, more perfection .. a better Mandar Deodhar :-)

Best of Luck to Me !!!! Will be back in few hours !!!!!

चांदण्या रात्रीतले ते स्वप्न तू विसरून जा

Just now Shalmali Sukhatankar sang this song in SaReGaMaPa. One of my favorite. Can't resist listening it again n again. Sharing it here ..

चांदण्या रात्रीतले ते स्वप्न तू विसरून जा
मी कधी होते तुझी ते सर्व तू विसरून जा !

आणिले धागे तुझे तू मीहि माझे आणिले
गुंफिला जो गोफ त्याचा पीळ तू विसरून जा !

मी दिली वचने तुला अन्‌ वाहिल्या शपथा खुळ्या
शब्द केवळ ते तयांचा अर्थ तू विसरुन जा !

प्रीतिचे हितगूज ते, कुजबुज ती, रुसवेहि ते
ते हसू अन्‌ आसवे ती - आज तू विसरून जा !

चंद्र ज्याला साक्ष होता, जे फुलांनी पाहिले
रेखिले प्राणांत जे मी तेच तू विसरुन जा !

Movie or Album: Aapli Awadti Bhavgeete
Singer: Manik Verma
Music Director(s): Vasant Pawar
Lyricist: Shanta Shelke

There are no mandy's comments, links with any other event etc. :-) Just enjoy the song ...

If you want to download the mp3, I am sharing it here : http://rapidshare.com/files/153993968/Chandanya_Ratritale_Te_Swapna.mp3.html

I DO; I may; I DON'T

Do you accept India as your long term strategic partner in atomic relationships, assure continuous supply of nuclear fuel for its reactors and support at international level?

I Do, I Do, I Do.1

Do you accept US as your nuclear supplier, open your reactors for international inspection and commit that you will knowingly or unknowingly help US against its enemies?

I Do, I Do, I Do.2

1: Of course we do, but we can change rules at will. We have done it before; everyone knows it, isn’t it?
2: Government change means everything change, for me vote Bank is more important that World Bank.

Tonight, the historic nuclear deal between India and US is going to be finalized. Thanks to Indian leaders who evaluated India’s energy needs and made a decision to move ahead despite of political pressure. And thanks to US for ending 3 decade long ban to recognize India as Nuclear Power. There was opposition from both sides initially, some relatives were not happy about the relationship, but at the end all the issues are cleared and the marriage is about to happen. Both sides are happy to see it and bit concerned about the future of the relationship as well.

Marriage is just one day ceremony, but married life is for lifetime.

US now needs India as their strategic partner. Geographically, we are next to China. Pakistan is just changing sides between US and China for its own interest. Hence US needs to strenghten its position in Asia at any cost. Nuclear energy is going to be the main source of energy in next future. US and other countries have developed the expertise to produce it and they need someone to buy these things from them.

But, US is well known to follow its words; but they define new meanings for the words every time. They never do any thing for charity, everything is returns based - high returns based particularly. And they know how to make use of their resources, relationships, power for their profit. When India was away from globalization we used to get 'salary' for our work, now we get 'compensation'. All these terms are defined by global powers where US is the leader. HR - treating human as resource to get maximum out of it is an excellent example.

India is getting global recognition for the first time. We can not enjoy the real fruits of globalization in almost every sector including nuclear technologies.

But in India, more preference is given to agenda of political parties than the country growth. A ruling party decides India's strategic decisions and oppositions always oppose them. A physics term singularity means a point where everything is unpredictable, anything can happen. Here we have singurality where even Tatas also can't escape.

Hence the life after the marriage is important than just getting married. For next few months its going to be honeymoon period. But we all need to wait n watch, take care and hope for the best. After all, the marriage is a necessity at this moment for both.

A raise in PAY

 A raise in PAY :-)

Last week I had a discussion with an IT professional who heads the strategy division at one of the leading infotech company. We discussed lot of topics but main was IT industry boom in last 2 years.
Booming time .. freshers getting job offers one to two years before finishing their education, experienced getting 20 to 50% hike with new offers, several 'agents' from job consultancy companies etc etc etc ... But all of a sudden things are looking different now. In last 3-4 months market is slowing down. Though every one knows its a business and there are ups and downs, there are few points which one must consider this time. Its not the case of 99-2000 where people had just enthusiasm than proper plans. But this slowdown has its own problems.

For any mid or large size software company, there are several people working at various levels with different job profiles. Their salaries, work is as per their talent, market conditions, industry standards and company policies. Overall its a pyramid in which freshers, new joiners forming a bottom most level with large mass; then module leaders, team leaders, project managers, department heads, management executives etc. Salary wise also, the structure is a pyramid. In case of booming market conditions such structure starts shaking a bit. Companies lure people by offering them higher salaries and hire more people at various level. When companies add people at bottom most level, automatically, employees present at that level are moved up. The overall pyramid structure remains as it is due to this pushing up but the talent required by an individual at that level is not checked all the time. In booming time, such activities are not noticed, as there are more projects, more 'billable' resources are required and company gains from client for that.

But when booming time stops and projects become scarce, these people become real difficulty for any company. They are already at much higher salary than their talent. They are moved up just because there were people under them and not based on their talent or leadership skills. After a certain point, an individual is expected to handle more responsibility of work than doing actual work. One must be able to emerge as a great manager, leader. Developing this quality is not at all easy as it requires combination of talent, skills and experience. Hence most of these people at this stage become redundant in the company and ultimately given pink slip.

Now what these people should do ? They definitely have experience, knowledge and skills. But after that the next expected level is leadership which not everyone can develop. These people can then work as a freelancer and use their expertise. They can use their technical knowledge to help other companies. Being a freelancer, they are always available and companies do not need to feed them when there are no projects. Many people are already doing that. This will become the culture in IT industry soon. Lets see how this economic slowdown affects its timeline.

Raj Thakrey - Need your help

Today I accidentally left my phone on my desk and went to canteen. After 5 minutes one of my colleague found me and told me that your phone was ringing on desk. He asked - you have some dhagala lagli kala type song as your ring tone right ?
I was surprised  .. I am having a very nice ring tone of kalat nakalat serial title song. What he is saying ? He was referring to my phone only. He is non maharashtrian. He told me for him all marathi songs are dhagala lagli kala only.

Oye ??? Kuch bhi !!!!

I don't expect him to understand the difference between sugam sangeet and bhakti sangeet but at least one should understand something like kombadi palali and kaataa rute kunaalaa ...

Mr. Raj Thakrey, by any chance if you read this blog, please take some serious action.

Missing you sis ...

in less than 3 weeks I can feel ..

No one is asking me - 'chal ice cream khaate hein' at 12:30 midnight. Or share Sizzling Brownie with me at Cream Center.

No one is fighting with me for equal share in khau items.

No one is threatening to beat me with broom or lock inside bathroom.

Missing our debates over fundamentals. Missing someone who convinced me to do two things unconditionally - without looking for RoI - Love and Charity.

No one is saying 'तोच तुझा लाडका' when mom praises me for everything.

missing you sister .... finish your training and come back soon .... best of luck !!!!

PS : You must have got your first salary by now and next week is your birthday .. he he ;-D .. really missing you sis.