Missing you sis ...

in less than 3 weeks I can feel ..

No one is asking me - 'chal ice cream khaate hein' at 12:30 midnight. Or share Sizzling Brownie with me at Cream Center.

No one is fighting with me for equal share in khau items.

No one is threatening to beat me with broom or lock inside bathroom.

Missing our debates over fundamentals. Missing someone who convinced me to do two things unconditionally - without looking for RoI - Love and Charity.

No one is saying 'तोच तुझा लाडका' when mom praises me for everything.

missing you sister .... finish your training and come back soon .... best of luck !!!!

PS : You must have got your first salary by now and next week is your birthday .. he he ;-D .. really missing you sis.