Thank GOD for everything I have

Today was one of the most challenging day for me on emotional front. I was just returning to normal (see my previous post) I never expected I'll ever face such situation in my life.

I request kind hearted people not to read further.

I visited an old age home - Vruddhashram in Pune and a funeral after words. We know a 'Second Innings House' from Munnabhai movie. Retired people living happily with Vidya Balan. But when we reached there, the situation was different.

I saw a 20x20 room with 8 people. All of them aging more than 70-75 years. Out of 8 people, 2 of them were in coma, 2 were unconscious, one dead for five to six hours and remaining three alive. All together in one small room.
I looked at the faces of three people who were alive. They were waiting for something to happen or someone to come or probably death. Hopelessly hopeful. Even a cold blooded, emotionally rock solid person like me collapsed .. I couldn't look at them again. We just went and took the dead body out.

In tensed, hopeless situations I use smile or humor to get out of it. I remember a statement of Pu. La. Deshpande from Antu Barva : विशाल सागारतीर् आहेनाराळीची बने आहेतपोफळीच्या बागा आहेत .. पण त्या उदात्त तेला दारिद्र्य असे विलक्षण छेद देऊन जातं आणि मग उरत काय .. एक भयाण विनोदाचं अभेद्य असं कवच. Humor .. It works most of the time.

But I couldn't apply that in this situation. Everything failed .. I failed .. just couldn't find a solution .. SAD...

Sometimes I feel machines are better than human beings, they don't have emotions at least .. yet.

Today's experience gave me one very positive feedback. My people. I am very fortunate to have my people around. Knowingly or unknowingly I do things for them, get positive / negative feedback. Generally we don't see the importance of it but today's experience gave me a new meaning to it.


Unknown said...

Aai shapath...........

solid re !

Actually every "GOCHI" is in that bloody emotions.