Raj Thakrey - Need your help

Today I accidentally left my phone on my desk and went to canteen. After 5 minutes one of my colleague found me and told me that your phone was ringing on desk. He asked - you have some dhagala lagli kala type song as your ring tone right ?
I was surprised  .. I am having a very nice ring tone of kalat nakalat serial title song. What he is saying ? He was referring to my phone only. He is non maharashtrian. He told me for him all marathi songs are dhagala lagli kala only.

Oye ??? Kuch bhi !!!!

I don't expect him to understand the difference between sugam sangeet and bhakti sangeet but at least one should understand something like kombadi palali and kaataa rute kunaalaa ...

Mr. Raj Thakrey, by any chance if you read this blog, please take some serious action.


Anonymous said...

Should the common man pay to protect Raj Thakrey and his ilk with Z class security ? Shouldn't all taxpayer paid security to all the Thakreys be withdrawn?