Time to Reinstall the OS

In last few months I have installed too many programs. I feel things are now becoming unmanageable. Infinite tasks to do in finite time. Fortunately, I am very good at automation and multi tasking, still things are becoming difficult now. Its time to system clean up, install upgrades and reboot.

Mandy will be unavailable for next few hours. Unscheduled downtime .. but a must :-)

Input devices will be strictly turned off as they trigger more n more processes. I just can't stop my brain from thinking when I get some input in any form. All output must be ignored as it is not at all moderated by my kernel. Like a drunk person.

Smoking, drinking or loosing control by any other means is just out of question. That never leads to any solution. I'll probably watch first few minutes of Saving Private Ryan , Schindler's List, Swades, Enemy at the Games, Chak De, Lagaan, Independance Day, Matrix etc. Or some kiddish stuff like Home Alone, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Baby's Day Out or Jim Carrey's, Mithun or Rajani's movie.

Or I'll read biography of some scientist, their life, their devotion to the research.

May be I'll do some programming, write some code myself .. haven't written a single line in last 8-10 months :-( A new role : A solution architect is needed now. I'll redefine, optimize some of my concepts, fundamentals, processes to push my limits further.

After reinstall you'll see some new features, better response time, less lukkhagiri, more perfection .. a better Mandar Deodhar :-)

Best of Luck to Me !!!! Will be back in few hours !!!!!


AJ said...

ru back?

Unknown said...

yes i am back. will post a change log soon :-)