I DO; I may; I DON'T

Do you accept India as your long term strategic partner in atomic relationships, assure continuous supply of nuclear fuel for its reactors and support at international level?

I Do, I Do, I Do.1

Do you accept US as your nuclear supplier, open your reactors for international inspection and commit that you will knowingly or unknowingly help US against its enemies?

I Do, I Do, I Do.2

1: Of course we do, but we can change rules at will. We have done it before; everyone knows it, isn’t it?
2: Government change means everything change, for me vote Bank is more important that World Bank.

Tonight, the historic nuclear deal between India and US is going to be finalized. Thanks to Indian leaders who evaluated India’s energy needs and made a decision to move ahead despite of political pressure. And thanks to US for ending 3 decade long ban to recognize India as Nuclear Power. There was opposition from both sides initially, some relatives were not happy about the relationship, but at the end all the issues are cleared and the marriage is about to happen. Both sides are happy to see it and bit concerned about the future of the relationship as well.

Marriage is just one day ceremony, but married life is for lifetime.

US now needs India as their strategic partner. Geographically, we are next to China. Pakistan is just changing sides between US and China for its own interest. Hence US needs to strenghten its position in Asia at any cost. Nuclear energy is going to be the main source of energy in next future. US and other countries have developed the expertise to produce it and they need someone to buy these things from them.

But, US is well known to follow its words; but they define new meanings for the words every time. They never do any thing for charity, everything is returns based - high returns based particularly. And they know how to make use of their resources, relationships, power for their profit. When India was away from globalization we used to get 'salary' for our work, now we get 'compensation'. All these terms are defined by global powers where US is the leader. HR - treating human as resource to get maximum out of it is an excellent example.

India is getting global recognition for the first time. We can not enjoy the real fruits of globalization in almost every sector including nuclear technologies.

But in India, more preference is given to agenda of political parties than the country growth. A ruling party decides India's strategic decisions and oppositions always oppose them. A physics term singularity means a point where everything is unpredictable, anything can happen. Here we have singurality where even Tatas also can't escape.

Hence the life after the marriage is important than just getting married. For next few months its going to be honeymoon period. But we all need to wait n watch, take care and hope for the best. After all, the marriage is a necessity at this moment for both.