Microsoft Windows Goes Open Source

Just read this news -

Ballmer ? Are you serious ... or are you celebrating Fool's day little before than others ?

Nice move by Infosys

Infosys to offer NGO work to staff at half pay

All companies are laying off people to cut cost. But this Infy's move is adding great value to its reputation. Kudos to Nandan Nilikani and his team. Hope shareholders also understand the value addition.

Election fever starts in India

Checkout this advertisement on Orkut ....

Indian Political Parties are also following Obama style now ... by going online n all ....

I'll be adding one separate post on my views on election. Probably by this weekend when I get soem free time ....

Taking a break

Couldn't post anything in last two weeks :(

Have lot of things to post but not getting time.

Let me take a short break for 2-3 weeks. Will be back soon with full recharge :)

Task manager for Human Brain

Like a computer, a human brain is capable of doing several things at once. But our task manager is not as efficient as computer's task manager. Several times positive/negative outcome of one process affects another even though they are not related.

It would be great if we get a better, well managed, bug free task manager where we can simply right click and minimize or end any process.With this, a bad day in office won't affect your personal life or a girl friend's phone call won't affect your day to day work.

Hopefully GOD will install it in next release.