Nice move by Infosys

Infosys to offer NGO work to staff at half pay

All companies are laying off people to cut cost. But this Infy's move is adding great value to its reputation. Kudos to Nandan Nilikani and his team. Hope shareholders also understand the value addition.


Anonymous said...

This is available for only those who have prior NGO experience. Also only 50 employees will be given this chance annually and each request will require a board of directors approval.

It is a step in the right direction but not substantial enough.

Mandar Deodhar said...

hmnnn ... I didn't know it.

Then its definitely a good but insufficient move.

Ketaki said...

Infosys CSR work is really awesome
'infosys foundation' does really good social work under the guidance of sudha murthy
I think every individual should his bit not only by donating money but by spending some time 2
Plz check this site ,for ppl who want to donate money for NGOs who really do work :