Zee SaReGaMaPa Little Champs

Its very difficult to miss SaReGaMaPa Little Champs program if you are a Zee marathi viewer. This program is simply amazing. Its far better than the standard reality shows and talent hunt competitions. The performances by little kids are just too good. I watch it every week without fail. I have downloaded song mp3s and watched several youtube videos.

Yesterday I was analyzing my blog visitors trend using google analytics. I found that I am getting some visitors because of some SaReGaMaPa participant names used in my blog post. If people are searching for SaReGaMaPa videos, let me share them here. I'll post embedded youtube videos here classified by participants. Main ones which I like are Prathamesh Laghate, Mugdha Vaishampayan, Shamika Bhide, Arya Ambekar and few others. Its very time consuming process of searching the videos, filtering them and putting them on blog. Hence I am doing it in parts. Unfortunately, this intro post will appear as last post and videos will come above this. Once I finish posting the videos, I'll move this post above.

Checkout the right side links for performance videos.

Videos posted here are as embedded youtube objects. If you want to download these videos - search google how to do it or ask me, i'll help you. You can always download the mp3 files from zee marathi website.

Starting with Sweet Little Girl - Mugdha Vaishampayan ...


anup said...

hi.. im anup. songs of all the singers currently in saregamapa(prathamesh, mugdha etc) are not available on zee marathi site?? pls help. i need d mp3 songs

Unknown said...

anup, just check other blog posts , you can find the links.