Dear Bruce Almighty .. How many more ?

Today I went to office as  usual. After yesterday's massacre, fighting is still going on in South Mumbai. Despite of warning from police, I went out of my home. May be because I work at Vashi which is 40 kms away from the terror spot; may be I am fearless or just careless; or I have asked my team members to come and my boss is also here ... whatever ...

What I can do at home otherwise ? Watch same 'BREAKING NEWS' again and again ? Take rest and do nothing ? or go to terror spot and help people somehow ?

Young people with age 20-25 are carrying out such attacks. At this age, I was not even graduated. These terrorists are all set to take other people's lives without even understanding its meaning.Can you stop these people ? You can't. No one can stop them. They don't fear death hence they can do anything. I appreciate the great ability of terrorists leaders - they can market 'death'. They can encourage some one to die for something. Can any HR manager do that ?
Then how it can be stopped ? Increase security, have more spending on intelligence, defense, technology so that such attacks can be detected and prevented ? We are at War. So the solution is to win the war or prevent the war ?

While returning from office, I was listening Mukesh's song from Teesari Kasam. Just arranged few lines on similar tune. Putting them here ...

दुनिया बनाने वाले क्या तेरे मन मे समाईकाहे को दुनिया बनाई
तूने काहे को दुनिया बनाई

माटी के पुतले मे मन को बनाया
मन को बनाके तूने हसना सिखाया
हसना सिखाया, रोना सिखाया
किसीकी हसी पे मर मिटना सिखाया
दूसरे को रुलाके हसने की क्यों रीत दिखाई
तूने काहे को दुनिया बनाई ...

तूने जो रखे तेरे अलग अलग चेहरे
मंदिरमस्जिद और गुरुद्वारे सुनहरे
एक ही माटी से तूने मज़हब बनाये
मज़हब बनाके तूने दंगे लडाये
गुपचुप तमाशा देखे वाह रे तेरी खुदाई
तूने .. काहे को दुनिया बनाई ...

 Dear Bruce Almighty, are you reading this post ?

Now a days, यदा यदा ही धर्मस्यग्लानीभवती भारत is being replaced by पाप से धरती फटी फटी फटीअधर्म से आसमान . Hence I think you'll understand this new style request.