Google and Open ID ?

While using google services, I observed something interesting:

Saw the circled thing ? Instead of my normal sign in name or my first name, it shows:

Google reader is still with old sign in .. don't know why.

What is this ? From last few days I have read little about google is becoming an Open Id provider, then later on gmail or your blog address can be your open id etc. etc. I guess this is it. Now, you are not accessing google services using your google account, you are using Open Id to use them. And this open Id is provided by google - your gmail id with http.

Sounds confusing ? Read following information about Open Id. If you still have doubts, let me know:

Google moves towards single sign-on with OpenID
Google Abandons Standards, Forks OpenID
Your Gmail Account is Now An OpenID

Why all this ? Now google or every site using this service knows what a user is doing somewhere else. Better user profiling so that they can show you 'targeted' ads :-)

But the benefits of using Open Id are many. If implemented properly, one can have their personal profile created on orkut, blog on wordpress,album on photobucket, online office documents using msn (, mail on gmail etc. all with single sign in id to remember and link. Lets see when it will happen.