Zee SaReGaMaPa Little Champs - Prathamesh Laghate

Prathamesh Laghate (प्रथमेश लघाटे)
Videos posted here are as embedded youtube objects. If you want to download these videos - search google how to do it or ask me, i'll help you. You can always download the mp3 files from zee marathi website. If I have missed any, do let me know.

Bagalyanchi Maal Phule

Anand Potaat Mazya

He surranno chandra....

Jay Shankara

awaghe garje

parawashata paash daiwe

zindagi maut na ban jaye

majhe jeewan gaane

pahile ne mee tula

tujhse naraaz nahin

kashi tuj samjawu

Shabdavaachun Kalale Saare

majhe maher pandhari

sanga mukund kuni ha pahila

sant bhar pandharila

majhe maher pandhari

Sant Bhar Pandharit

kal dehasi ala khau

Devagharache Dnyat Kunala

majhe jagane hote gane

sundara manaamadhi bharali

jhanak jhanak tori baje

maan welaawuni dhund

kata rute kunala

hee menaka

randhraat perilee mee

kaahi bolaayache aahe

ag maina ga

jhana jhananana

hridayachya talawar nache

aatach amrutaachi

swar ale duruni

jaya shankara gangadhara


Anonymous said...

great man...............please upload more songs from prathamesh if u can


Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I'll definitely update the video list with the new performances.

Uday said...

Very nice to have the Sa Re Ga Me PA L'il champ finalists in this blog. Please try to post the missing videos. I especially liked the videos of Prathamesh Laghate

Unknown said...

I think I have shared all of his videos available. If not i'll search again tomorrow. Today's episode is going to be another hit.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for all the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa songs. It is a real treat...please keep up the good work...


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

@sujay - I am deleting your comment.

Do not share anyone contact number in public. And never share some one else's number. Its against that person's privacy.

If you want to share this info, you share your own mail id or phone number and as people to contact you instead.

Anonymous said...

hi thanks a lot for making avilable only Prathamesh's songs. He has got a divine voice no doubt and it was really unfair even to make him compete with all others. As like thousands I am his desperate fan and tried literally everything to search for his contact details.
Sitting so far away from our country for an year I would really like to drop a word of appreciation to him.
Would you kindly sufggest any way to know his phone number or his e-mail ID?
I agree you cannot provide the details since its against the person's privacy; thats why I ask you a way to find this out.

Unknown said...


Thanks for reply.

Sujay has shared contact details of Prathamesh but I deleted his post because I feel its against privacy of a person. You can ask him if you want : Sujay Nigudkar from http://www.sujaynigudkar.blogspot.com/

Subodh said...

namaskar, but could not listen to even a single song as all had been removed. any other site where all the songs sung by the 5 finalist are still available. dhanyawad