Zee SaReGaMaPa Little Champs - Arya Ambekar

Arya Ambekar (आर्या आंबेकर)

Videos posted here are as embedded youtube objects. If you want to download these videos - search google how to do it or ask me, i'll help you. You can always download the mp3 files from zee marathi website. If I have missed any, do let me know.

jahalya kaahi chukaa

de re kanha choli lugadi

ए मेरे वतन के लोगो

वन्दे मातरम्

जाईन विचारीत रानफुला

येऊ मी कशी प्रिया

नका तोडू पावणे जरा थांबा

सखी ग मुरली मोहन

का हो धरिला मजवरि राग

ये जवळी घे जवळी


ऋतू हिरवा

यमुना जळि खेळू

कशी झोकात चालली

दूर व्हा ना .. जाउ द्या

गगन सदन तेजोमय

चांदणे शिंपीत जशी

मी पुन्हा वनांतरी

रिमझिम झरती

मी मज हरपून बसले ग

झाले युवती मना दारुण रण

दिल चीज़ क्या है

अहो सजना

सैनिक हो तुमच्यासाठी

त्या चित्त चोरट्याला

नाही कशी म्हणू तुला

Please let me know if I have missed any.


Anonymous said...

excellent work !! arya che sagale videos ekach thikaani !! kyaa baat hai !!

Anonymous said...

dude i guess "kuthe tumhi gela hota" is missing !! The url is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t61OldtEdd0

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments friends. I'll add the missing one soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude...this is Ashish.
u hv done a fantastic job.
Arya Ambekar is Awesome, Fabulous, Great, too Sweeeeeet, n etc...

juss 1 request songs sobat url pan det ja..

n 1 question...

do u know the Birth date of arya..or ny contact details..
plz contact me on your blog...

hv a nice day.....

Unknown said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. Unfortunately I don't have any info about personal details of her. URL of the video can be seen just by moving mouse over the video object.

Ashish said...

Hii all,

This message to all the viewers of SaReGaMaPa Little champs.... Marathi....
yaar, all d singers r very good n all r getting votes also....

wat about Arya Ambekar...?? yaar she is jussssss Wonderful, Awesome, great, etc.etc. yaaar... but still she is getting so less VOTEs.............

Please Please please.................. all of you go to the link below and VOTE her to justice her singing...... Yaaaar............... please......


sushant said...

arya is doing best in program!
i want to know about the song she sung, words like.... 'makhamali tarunya maaze...' in on between 10 to 14 jan... i dont know exact date or it was repeated episode or what!
i want details of this song n video of arya of this song...
please reply at r.sushant@gmail.com

sushant said...

i got that songs...
its 'malmali taarunya maaze..'
its url is...

Unknown said...


Actually i didn't like that song much (sung by aaryaa) compared toorkginal one hence I didnt shared it.

sushant said...

its ok that she didnt sung well, i got that video... But actually i m interested in original song...! If u hv any idea plz inform d details! Thanx

Unknown said...


Use this link to download the song in mp3 format


sushant said...

thnx yaar...

Hemant said...

Paan Khaye Saiyyan Hamaro is also missing.

Anita said...

hey great job.
but i think u missed the sons "De na re punha punha"
it isvery sweet song.
i m sure u will like it more n more as u listen to it.

Anonymous said...


Seems like the official website (http://www.zeemarathi.com/SRGMPLittleChamps2008/SeniorDownloads.aspx?page=9 ) has removed the songs for download. I was able to download some songs yesterday. But Today I'm not able to do that. Site says "Songs not available".
Do you know of any other site / person where I can get all the Mp3s?

If yes, kindly contact me at - champakchola@rediffmail.com


Unknown said...

Thanks for your replies frnds. Unfortunately I do not have mp3s of the songs. Probably you can request zee marathi size admin for the same. I'll try to find and upload the missing videos.

Unknown said...

hey..nice work..
all arya's fan wil realy thank u..a lot..


harsh shah said...

excellent work !! arya che sagale videos ekach thikaani !!

harsh shah said...

$$$ Harsh $$$
excellent work !! arya che sagale videos ekach thikaani !!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

HI all i need a song makhamli tarunya majhe can any one suggest me that where i can get the following song

please provide me the link on william_balpande@yahoo.com

Unknown said...

some of the songs here have been removed from youtube..
does anybody have it?
I would like - kutha tumhi gela vhata
and some others as well

Somesh said...

Aarya is the future of indian songs.
She is fabulous,sweet,lovely girl who makes crazy to her fans.
She gives me the life of happiness by her singing.

लेख संग्रह said...

Namaskar Mandar,

You have done fantastic job that all aarya's song in one page but unfortunately all videos are no longer available in today's date. Do you have all or any of these videos saved in your computer or cloud??? If yes please please please send me the link so i can download. I am also huge fan of aarya.

Thanks again