Some unanswered questions about Traditions

Today I was returning from my office. Deonar abattoir is on my way. For last one week there is traffic jam because of Bakri Eid. Every evening I see vehicles carrying male goats - bakras. Today I saw one family - a man with his 6-8 yrs old child carrying a bakra in a rickshaw. Generally these animals are not used to with traffic, traveling in vehicles, noises etc. In this auto, the kid was feeding some fresh leaves to the goat and goat was eating it. Both were very much gelled and comfortable with each other. The kid was hugging goat, loving him and the animal was enjoying his company too.

Tomorrow is Bakri Eid and that family is going to kill that animal. Most of the time not in just one single shot .. the animal is going to experience slow painful death - halaal . Does that small kid or that animal aware of it ? If yes, can they have same feeling for each other which they are having now ?

I don't want to make comment on anyone's religion or tradition. But why any GOD will be pleased with any form of kurbani ? Afterall, all living beings are his children only.