Krorepati !!!!

Today I went to my landlord to renew my house rent agreement. He agreed for one year extension. I asked whats the cost if I want to buy it. Calmly, he said the current rate has gone to rs. 9,000+ per sq feet. Our area is 1100 sq feet hence the grand total is 1,00,00,000  .. yup .. its complete 1 CRORE ... huh !!!

I smiled and came back, told my parents. We just coudn't stop laughing after that. 1 Crore ??? At Ghatkopar West .. not Pedder road or Band Stand or something ..

It gave me a very positive feeling. If Amitabh Bachhan asks "Kaun Banega Karodpati ?" then I will answer - "I Am ... for next 14 months atleast. Living in 1 crore house" :)

Now I can dream to take house next to Shahrukh Khan's Mannat. I have seen one old building near his house. The building is in very poor condition. I'll buy it and keep it's name 'Marammat' :)