9/11, Terrorism and War

September 11, 2001; the mighty USA was attacked by terrorist Osama Bin Laden. 7 years are gone now. Lots of equations got changed. USA got chance to attack any country in the world at will. They did and we are seeing the results. Countries like Afghanistan, Iraq are destroyed under the name 'War on Terror' and 'War for Freedom' etc.

I am not a sadist, but WAR is one of my favorite topic. Here, I am trying to relate Terrorism and War.

In past, battles were only limited to battlefield, fought between armies. In the ancient times civilians were affected only while looting the enemy cities after victory. But from 19th century war reached to the normal civilians. Starting with bombing enemy cities, industries till Atom bomb explosion. In 20th century we saw the worst form of it - terrorism. War is at our doorsteps now. Terrorism is just another form of war. Countries or group of people who can not fight directly opt this way. Now my question is: Is it ethical to involve civilians in War ?

Why to involve civilians in the war ? They do not fight in the war. Many times they are completely unaware of the situation and don't even know why it is happening. Its a decision of top level politicians, military generals which is forced on normal citizens. Why someone wants to get into war situations by putting their family life in danger ? Aren't there any other problems in day to day life to fight for ? War disturbs everything. First, it affects moral, psychological balance which leads to several complications. Will you be able to work with your full potential if you are unsure of your family wellness at home ? Is it ethical to kill small children, women, old age citizens just because they belong to your enemy country ? After all they are also human beings like you are. How good is winning the territory after destroying everything ?

The other side of the coin says .. why not ? Aren't these people building economy which supports war ? Increasing moral of armies fighting on front ? Any one of them can become suicide bomber and bounce back. So why leave them. its war .. and everything is fair in Love and War. if their country has started the war, they should also suffer. Finally they are also the ones who'll enjoy fruits of victory. Killing civilians brings down moral of the troops which can help in wining the War. Atomic bomb explosion ended WW2 isn't it ?

That is the exact principle behind terrorism. Terrorists are not directly attacking troops. In fact, they are not capable of doing it. hence they are attacking normal people, trying to win the war on moral grounds. It is a new strategy .. but it is very effective. And unfortunately, we all are at the receiving end of it. Who knows, tomorrow, we may need to face a radioactive dirty bomb or a chemical or biological weapon attack. Terrorism can reach to any extremity.

Lets see how mankind survives from this threat. Is there any end or a possible solution ?


mandar.deodhar said...

Its Delhi now ... BAD - Banglore, Ahmedabad and Delhi.

Can we really stop it ? I don't think so .. because we are not attacking its real cause. As aamir khan mentioned in TZP, We are just discussing about the symptoms and notthe actual cause may be ..

hariharan said...

very well written awesome

mandar.deodhar said...

Found one interesting article related to this post. Thanks to hariharan for giving me the link.

Terrorism is no crime, it is an act of war - Arif Mohammed Khan