Studying is integral part of my life. I want to be a student throughout my life. The knowledge in this world is infinite and unfortunately I have finite time. Hence I try my best to utilize it properly to maximize gains. I have interest in almost every subject in this world. Thankfully god has given me intellect, analyzing power and fast learning abilities which allow me to gain knowledge from many subjects.

Now a days I am taking lot of interest in studying corporate strategy, HR, team management, leadership, finance etc. I am studying them at once and trying to relate one another. At the same time current news are giving me lot of situations to apply the fundamentals I am reading. Also getting lot of feedback from my day to day work, business strategies, technical, R&D part. Right from my engineering days I am a good programmer. But I have never restricted myself to one particular programming language. I am more interested in gathering requirements and finding solution using tools I have or create the tools I require. This gives me great ability analyze given situation and design solution if any. And good grasp on mathematics, algorithms and data structures gives me power to optimize these solutions.

It looks like I am writing my resume .. or giving HR interview ... I am not .. I am just writing my evaluation as a learner.

Speed, in depth analysis and out of box thinking are my strongest abilities. But at the same time, I lack long term view of any solution. I find it too complex to evaluate any solution over long period as I run out of memory when I consider minute details of the solution over long period. And without considering those details, I can not evaluate any solution. Thinking in short term also shows lack of patience. Unfortunately I have this problem.

Secondly, I don't believe on anyone - no person, no theory, not even myself. I evaluate everything. I am very happy when I prove something different than existing .. when I prove something wrong .. including my own principles .. myself.

Lot of things to write ... may be I'll have part II of this post later ... ... ... have lot of things to do :)