MandY Holdings - Department D

We are expanding. Added a new vertical to MandY Holdings. Now we have a separate 'Department D' handling derivatives and F&O.

It took me little longer time (10 complete days) to understand the derivatives concept - trading on index instead of actual stock. Its interesting but I still feel it has no meaning. Its just a concept derived to earn or loose money. But it can be a good tool to earn and loose large sum of money quickly with less investment.

As I quoted in my previous post, RIL is waving in the range of 1100 to 1400. For last 3 days it was increasing and touched 1385 level. Also, the market was moving up for last 3-4 days without any supporting good news. I thought this is the level from which RIL will come down below 1300 range. Short sold RIL - 75 shares lot yesterday at 1345. By the day end it zoomed up till 1380 raising some tension, but I was quite sure it will come down, hence I carried over by keeping margin.

Today morning market came down as expected, RIL went down till 1320. In the afternoon, Satyam fraud news came out and market crashed. RIL went down to 1200. It is a very bad news for the business but proved great one for me. I Instantly earned ~10K rs (~30% gain) in one day for the investment of 32000 (for margin). Overall my entry in the derivative domain was successful.

Mandy Holding kicked off well. Expansion is also giving good profit. We have structured ourselves into following departments:

* Department E : Dealing with Equities
* Department D : Dealing with Derivatives
* Department ZERO : Dealing with Equity Research - The name signifies it wont generate any revenue by its own but it can increase the value of any other if coupled appropriately.

This is just a beginning. We are Hiring now !!!! But ... come with your own money :) its recession time after all :D

Please don't take everything seriously ... Just kidding ... this is just my part time business. I make and sell games for living for which my company pays me a fix salary of 7 rs. per minute plus bonus. And I am currently very happy with that.