Pink Slips

Yesterday, I experienced the worst ever effect of Pink Slips. Our company laid off 40 people from various departments. We tried our best but couldn't keep ourselves away from global slowdown. Fortunately, even during booming time, we never hired people like other companies hence the effect was small. But loosing job all of a sudden is not easy for anyone.

All of a sudden the company atmosphere changed from every day's joyful culture to a silent one. Fortunately, there was no layoff from my team. Being a Team Leader, I was encouraging my team members and other employees but at the same time there was a fear of loosing my own job as well. Fortunately nothing  like that happened. I am still on Indiagames payroll.

In the evening I got a call from my sister, who recently joined Mastek after completing her engineering. Her company put 12% of their workforce on virtual bench. Virtual bench means an employee gets a full year leave and salary is reduced to 20%. My sister was part of that.

Thinking positively, I believe its a time for consolidation. One must evaluate himself. Consider this downturn as opportunity than problem and find your own path. In the booming time every idea is great, every one is genius. But as you can see now, most of them failed. One who can think of great idea in current time is great. hence believe on yourself, prove yourself and let others follow you.


Anonymous said...

It is terrible to see all the Knowledgeable staff sent away. It will be difficult to hire them back when they need it in future.

Unknown said...

This is corporate world. You dont have to call them back. You'll always get plenty of then when you need. And those employees also will get some other job at that time.

Unknown said...

Its very easy to say this when you are on the safer side. Everyone knows what is happening inside there. Even now there are some dept which when removed could help reduce a lot of expenditure.
Can understand your genuine concern...lets hope divine awakening happens and its a smooth sail for the rest of the journey for IG henceforth.

Unknown said...

Ankit, why you feel I am on safer side ? I am also an employee.

If you have any concerns, feel free to talk with me or samir sir or vishal sir. Fortunately we have very good horizontal culture in our organization.

Unknown said...

I am not as close to them as you are so the question does not arise. I expressed my opinions on this blog. Lets end it here since dont want to go into flamewar.
Goodbye and enjoy your bliss and solitude :)

Unknown said...

Best of luck when the next fire drill happens!!!

XYZ Office

The Last Evacuation Drill

A fire alarm rang at 6 PM when almost all shift employees are in office(approx 5000). As usual entire office was evacuated within
3 mins & every employee gathered outside office. 10 mins passed...................5 more mins passed.

Security Officer - Announcement started,
"Dear Employees - With melting heart I am making this announcement that for many of you it will be a last evacuation drill, as we are laying off almost 80% employee.
While moving in whoever's ID card won't work are laid off & all their belongings will be couriered to them tomorrow. We followed this approach as we don't want to fill email box size with layoff mail in thousands & also to avoid any fight inside office".

Please move in & try your luck.
Hope you have Nice career ahead.

Unknown said...

As you wish Ankit. However, you can always talk with me.