Syncing Sync

I am using google calendar, blackberry calendar and from last few days outlook / windows live calendar. Is there any way to sync everything ?

Farmville Crops Strategy - Calculation Sheet

Facebook is getting bigger and bigger. Worldwide as well as in India. I have seen most of my friends moved to facebook and using it regularly. Couple of reasons using FB over orkut are - its more 'lively' and facebook apps. There are several apps and games to keep you linked to your and friends profile. One of the most popular app is Farmville.

Its a most popular social game having more than 8 million unique users. I started playing Farmville around 2 months back. Prior to that it was Mafia Wars which brought me to facebook. In last couple of months playing regularly, I have made more than 1 lakh exp points. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I can't just enjoy things. I need quantification, evaluation and perfection in whatever I do. Typical Virgo :) Hence, in Farmville also, I worked more on playing strategies to maximize exp and coins.

I am not going to explain how to play Farmville here. If you already know, great !! otherwise you can try it yourself. If you are a farmer and have searched net for Farmville guide, you might have came across many. What I am sharing here is a crop plantation calculation sheet.

This sheet requires 3 inputs: your current level, mode of play and no. of hours you’ll be visiting your farm again. And this sheet will give you crop for maximum coins and maximum experience. Mode of play is 1 for no breaks and 2 for with breaks. Instead of me explaining that here, I suggest you to try it out on the sheet directly. For detail calculations, you can refer second sheet.


Link to download sheet is: Farmville Crop Calculation Sheet

Just try it out and let me know whether it helps or not. All positive negative feedback is welcome.

Keep Farming, WHola Farmer !!!!!