Planning for a Next Step !!!

Change is the only constant thing in life. I am also planning for one in terms of career.

Till now, it is going really well. I have carefully planned my short term and long term goals in terms of education, career and was lucky enough to achieve them. In last 4.5 years I have learned so many things. I enjoyed taking responsibilities, creating processes, defining & executing steps and leading people. Now I believe its time to define the next step for my own career.
There are two alternatives a) product manager - take challenge and create new products rather than just getting it done OR b) consultancy - help others to achieve their goals. At this moment, both the roles seem very interesting and challenging. But its very difficult to get both at once. Hence I have to choose one of them. The analysis process has already begun. Soon I’ll be ready with the result.

If anyone from Indiagames HR is reading this post, don't worry. Its not about any other job offer :)