Remembering Auschwitz

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. 27 January 1945, 63 years before, Soviets troops entered the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz and liberated remaining 7,000 people. During the existence of Auschwitz, the SS camp authorities killed nearly one million Jews from across Europe. Other victims included approximately 74,000 Poles, approximately 21,000 Roma (Gypsies), and approximately 15,000 Soviet prisoners of war.


Hitler believed in Aryan superiority and hence wanted to remove all inferior people out of the society. In the starting days of War, Jews were separated from normal society into special areas called - ghettos. Later on they're forced into labour and concentration camp.

The entrance to Auschwitz was marked with the sign “Arbeit Macht Frei”, or “work makes (one) free”. When german defeat becomes inevitable, nazi regime devised Final Solution to kill all Jews. They ruthlessly killed women, children and elderly people by selection because they were not fit for work first by sending them to gas chambers. Those who were capable of work were forced to work for war efforts till they die by hunger and diseases. The process holocaust killed over 6 million jews across Europe.

Everyone in the world knows this history. Still genocides are happening. People are still dividing each other based on color, language, caste, religion, nationality etc. God has given us the power of intelligence. When we'll learn such simple things from history ?

Run Mumbai Run

Today there was Mumbai Marethon.

Last month I came to know about actual date. Couldn't participate it becuase I couldn't prepare for it. I haven't gone to any trek in last 2 years hence completely out of practice otherwies I would have definitely participated. But I have decided to participate it next year for sure. Will start practice from tomorrow morning 7:00 am for Dream Run !!!! (or Run in Dreams @ 7:00 am )


MUX is MUX .... coated with White GOLD !!!!

I am out of Cash right now because of Recession .. otherwise ........ :)


Studying is integral part of my life. I want to be a student throughout my life. The knowledge in this world is infinite and unfortunately I have finite time. Hence I try my best to utilize it properly to maximize gains. I have interest in almost every subject in this world. Thankfully god has given me intellect, analyzing power and fast learning abilities which allow me to gain knowledge from many subjects.

Now a days I am taking lot of interest in studying corporate strategy, HR, team management, leadership, finance etc. I am studying them at once and trying to relate one another. At the same time current news are giving me lot of situations to apply the fundamentals I am reading. Also getting lot of feedback from my day to day work, business strategies, technical, R&D part. Right from my engineering days I am a good programmer. But I have never restricted myself to one particular programming language. I am more interested in gathering requirements and finding solution using tools I have or create the tools I require. This gives me great ability analyze given situation and design solution if any. And good grasp on mathematics, algorithms and data structures gives me power to optimize these solutions.

It looks like I am writing my resume .. or giving HR interview ... I am not .. I am just writing my evaluation as a learner.

Speed, in depth analysis and out of box thinking are my strongest abilities. But at the same time, I lack long term view of any solution. I find it too complex to evaluate any solution over long period as I run out of memory when I consider minute details of the solution over long period. And without considering those details, I can not evaluate any solution. Thinking in short term also shows lack of patience. Unfortunately I have this problem.

Secondly, I don't believe on anyone - no person, no theory, not even myself. I evaluate everything. I am very happy when I prove something different than existing .. when I prove something wrong .. including my own principles .. myself.

Lot of things to write ... may be I'll have part II of this post later ... ... ... have lot of things to do :)


सत्यम is a Sanskrit word. Means Truth.

Fraud in the name as well ?

MandY Holdings - Department D

We are expanding. Added a new vertical to MandY Holdings. Now we have a separate 'Department D' handling derivatives and F&O.

It took me little longer time (10 complete days) to understand the derivatives concept - trading on index instead of actual stock. Its interesting but I still feel it has no meaning. Its just a concept derived to earn or loose money. But it can be a good tool to earn and loose large sum of money quickly with less investment.

As I quoted in my previous post, RIL is waving in the range of 1100 to 1400. For last 3 days it was increasing and touched 1385 level. Also, the market was moving up for last 3-4 days without any supporting good news. I thought this is the level from which RIL will come down below 1300 range. Short sold RIL - 75 shares lot yesterday at 1345. By the day end it zoomed up till 1380 raising some tension, but I was quite sure it will come down, hence I carried over by keeping margin.

Today morning market came down as expected, RIL went down till 1320. In the afternoon, Satyam fraud news came out and market crashed. RIL went down to 1200. It is a very bad news for the business but proved great one for me. I Instantly earned ~10K rs (~30% gain) in one day for the investment of 32000 (for margin). Overall my entry in the derivative domain was successful.

Mandy Holding kicked off well. Expansion is also giving good profit. We have structured ourselves into following departments:

* Department E : Dealing with Equities
* Department D : Dealing with Derivatives
* Department ZERO : Dealing with Equity Research - The name signifies it wont generate any revenue by its own but it can increase the value of any other if coupled appropriately.

This is just a beginning. We are Hiring now !!!! But ... come with your own money :) its recession time after all :D

Please don't take everything seriously ... Just kidding ... this is just my part time business. I make and sell games for living for which my company pays me a fix salary of 7 rs. per minute plus bonus. And I am currently very happy with that.

Chak De Gaming

Chak De Gaming !!!!

Life @ indiagames


Enjoy !!!!!!

Unfortunately, I am not there even in a single frame :(

MandY Holding - First Trade !!!

My First Trade  !!!!!!

Bought RIL 3 stocks for 1257 and sold at 1293 gaining 108 rs. The gain is not much ... just 3 % but its my first ever trade using my own DMAT account :) This stock is swinging between 1050 to 1350 range in last two months. Some analysts are predicting it to go below 1000. I see an opportunity to gain some money in that swinging range. Lets see ...

Now bought 10 stocks of UTV at 269.5 . Hope Ronny and team will pull the share up. Disney also has significant stake in the company.

Funny Caricatures

Got it on mail from friend. Sharing them here ...

Nice ones. isn't it ?