Dear Bruce Almighty .. How many more ?

Today I went to office as  usual. After yesterday's massacre, fighting is still going on in South Mumbai. Despite of warning from police, I went out of my home. May be because I work at Vashi which is 40 kms away from the terror spot; may be I am fearless or just careless; or I have asked my team members to come and my boss is also here ... whatever ...

What I can do at home otherwise ? Watch same 'BREAKING NEWS' again and again ? Take rest and do nothing ? or go to terror spot and help people somehow ?

Young people with age 20-25 are carrying out such attacks. At this age, I was not even graduated. These terrorists are all set to take other people's lives without even understanding its meaning.Can you stop these people ? You can't. No one can stop them. They don't fear death hence they can do anything. I appreciate the great ability of terrorists leaders - they can market 'death'. They can encourage some one to die for something. Can any HR manager do that ?
Then how it can be stopped ? Increase security, have more spending on intelligence, defense, technology so that such attacks can be detected and prevented ? We are at War. So the solution is to win the war or prevent the war ?

While returning from office, I was listening Mukesh's song from Teesari Kasam. Just arranged few lines on similar tune. Putting them here ...

दुनिया बनाने वाले क्या तेरे मन मे समाईकाहे को दुनिया बनाई
तूने काहे को दुनिया बनाई

माटी के पुतले मे मन को बनाया
मन को बनाके तूने हसना सिखाया
हसना सिखाया, रोना सिखाया
किसीकी हसी पे मर मिटना सिखाया
दूसरे को रुलाके हसने की क्यों रीत दिखाई
तूने काहे को दुनिया बनाई ...

तूने जो रखे तेरे अलग अलग चेहरे
मंदिरमस्जिद और गुरुद्वारे सुनहरे
एक ही माटी से तूने मज़हब बनाये
मज़हब बनाके तूने दंगे लडाये
गुपचुप तमाशा देखे वाह रे तेरी खुदाई
तूने .. काहे को दुनिया बनाई ...

 Dear Bruce Almighty, are you reading this post ?

Now a days, यदा यदा ही धर्मस्यग्लानीभवती भारत is being replaced by पाप से धरती फटी फटी फटीअधर्म से आसमान . Hence I think you'll understand this new style request.

Mumbai Targetted Again

Just got the news about firing in south mumbai and western suberbs area. Terrorists are targetting Mumbai city again. A sad incident. Why can't people live and let others live happily ? What one achieves by killing some one else ?

Google and Open ID ?

While using google services, I observed something interesting:

Saw the circled thing ? Instead of my normal sign in name or my first name, it shows:

Google reader is still with old sign in .. don't know why.

What is this ? From last few days I have read little about google is becoming an Open Id provider, then later on gmail or your blog address can be your open id etc. etc. I guess this is it. Now, you are not accessing google services using your google account, you are using Open Id to use them. And this open Id is provided by google - your gmail id with http.

Sounds confusing ? Read following information about Open Id. If you still have doubts, let me know:

Google moves towards single sign-on with OpenID
Google Abandons Standards, Forks OpenID
Your Gmail Account is Now An OpenID

Why all this ? Now google or every site using this service knows what a user is doing somewhere else. Better user profiling so that they can show you 'targeted' ads :-)

But the benefits of using Open Id are many. If implemented properly, one can have their personal profile created on orkut, blog on wordpress,album on photobucket, online office documents using msn (, mail on gmail etc. all with single sign in id to remember and link. Lets see when it will happen.

Creation of when and where

Found an interesting article about big bang theory. I don't have much to get into details of the same, but I liked whatever I read. Have a look if you are interested in the topic:

The Big Bang Was an Explosion OF Space, Not IN Space


बाल दिवस पर विशेष

आज सड़क पर  एक  रैली जा रही  थी |
सरपट-सरपट  दौड़ भाग, बाल दिवस की खुशियाँ फैली  जा  रही  थी  |
अभिभावक अपने नौ निहालों को देख मंद-मंद  मुस्कुराते थे |
खुश हो  उनके  भविष्य की  सुखद कामना लिए , अनूठे सपने सजाते   थे |

पर इन सब  से  दूर , दो  छोटे-छोटे  हाथ , गर्म भट्टी मैं  लोहा  पिघला रहे थे  |
भूली - बिसरी गलियों मैं  अपनी  , कोमल  देह तपा  रहे थे  |
जुलूंस  जब  पास  से निकला  तो  हाथ थम गये | और वो  खिड़की से झाँकने लगे |
उन  नन्ही नीरस आखों  को देख  , एक  बच्चा दूसरे से कहता है |
देख लगता है  उस कोठरी मैं भी बचपन रहता है  |

Composed by -  Vinay Gupta

Join us if you want to do something for these unlucky children. Contact me or post here if you are interested in volunteering for CRY.

MandY Holding Pvt. Ltd. - pre launch strategies

Finally I have found an interesting position for myself in finance domain - A Rocket Scientist :-) . As per wikipedia article - Financial markets, A Rocket Scientist is a slang term used for financial consultant at the zenith of mathematical and computer programming skill. They are able to invent derivatives of frightening complexity and construct sophisticated pricing models. They generally handle the most advanced computing techniques adopted by the financial markets since the early 1980s. Typically, they are physicists and engineers by training. Interesting job isn't it ;-) ?

After a careful study of context and content of the equity market, we have decided following strategy for MandY Holding Pvt. Ltd.:

Few Thoughts
- Think globally, invest locally.
- For short term investments do not care about business and actual company. Focus on numbers, trends, news and mass psychology. For long term investments - think in terms of businessman and investor both. For mid term investments, give mroe priority to events than fundamentals but do not neglect fundamentals and technical analysis.
- Read the news and read the results. But How they relate with each other must be decided by your own judgment. Do not just believe on new channel analysis as they are only good at increasing their TRP.
- Don't panic or don't be greedy. You should know when to average or when to quit. And never ever evaluate stock after you quit. Have confidence(not over confidence) in you and your analysis.

Long Term Investments - With a target more than 3 years i.e. 2011 end.
Mid term investments - With a target of one to two months.
Day Trading - The daily loss should not exceed 5% of the total amount.

Cash Flows
- Initial investment of Rs. 50,000
- Expected earning (cash out) rs. 2,000 to 3,000 per month without reducing existing 50,000 amount. That makes 25 to 30% returns per year.
- Cash available in the account should be minimum 10% and maximum 50% of the total amount at the end of the day.

From next week, I'll start trading with my own DMAT amount with starting capital of 50,000 rs. Every week I'll post my investment details here.

Pinay girl writes to Obama, gets response

Original post : Pinay girl writes to Obama, gets response By Doreen Yu Updated November 07, 2008 12:00 AM . Found it interesting hence sharing it here ...

Eight-year-old Fil-Am Karina Encarnacion recommended a dog that president-elect Barack Obama should get for his daughters, and in return got “three bits of advice that will make your life more fulfilling.”
Karina sent Obama a two-page handwritten letter in September, and suggested a Coton de Tulear, a small Bichon-type dog named after the city in Madagascar, for its soft cottony coat, noting that “they do not shed, they are very lovable, small and very soft.” She said she has one, named Murphy, who “is very smart and sweet.”
Obama has promised his two daughters, Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, that they can have a dog when they move in to the White House.
In a surprise reply received last Oct. 30, Obama told Karina, “Look out for other people, even when it does not directly benefit you; strive to make a difference everywhere you go; and get back up every time you are knocked down.”
Karina, a fourth grader in Missouri, told the then candidate that “I think you will make a very good president… I think that you will make wise decisions for the country.”
She also offered some suggestions for the future president: “Would it be possible for you to make a law that requires everyone to recycle… And would it be possible to ban unnecessary wars?”
Obama’s letter, dated Oct. 20, thanked her “for your kind words, your dog suggestion and for your support. I am impressed with your interest in politics, especially at your young age. I appreciate your idea to make a law requiring people to recycle and to ban unnecessary wars.”
Karina told the candidate that her mother, who is not a US citizen, has nevertheless volunteered for his campaign, going door-to-door to “encourage people to vote for you. She said that since she can’t vote, she wanted at least one person to vote in her place.”
Cindy Herbosa-Encarnacion, who holds a PhD in Biology, is the director of the St. Louis Science Center. Karina told Obama that “my mother also said that if you become president, she will become a citizen for sure.”
Karina’s father John is a professor at St. Louis University in Missouri.
“Creating change and making the world better is not always easy, and you will probably find in your life that it is more comfortable to ignore injustices that don’t affect you directly. Don’t take that comfortable road. Challenge yourself to make a difference,” Obama wrote.
“If you don’t already know what it means, I want you to look up the word ‘empathy’ in the dictionary. I believe we don’t have enough empathy in our world today, and it is up to your generation to change that.”
“I hope you will always be an active participant in the world around you, and that you will seize every opportunity to make the world better,” he added.
“Seeing young people like you who care about making things better inspires me and gives me great hope about the future of our country.”
Obama’s letter, which included an autographed picture that she requested, was sent to Karina’s home in Cedarbrook Lane, Kirkwood, Missouri.

Har Bhajan !!!!

I know its too hilarious ... but saw this on a T-Shirt today.


हरभजन !!!!
Oh My God ..... Save us please !!!!!


What a birthday gift for Jerry Yang. He is turning 40 today (6th Nov)
The last hope for Yahoo to keep Yahoo independent from Microsoft is over. Google announced they are moving away from the Yahoo-Google advertisement deal.

For those who are not aware of the history, Microsoft showed interest to buy Yahoo at $33 per share i.e. $47.5 billion total. At that time Yahoo was getting traded around $28. Yang responded with the price $37 and Microsoft refused.

Yang with Google Founders

To make the acquisition impossible, Yahoo made the ad sharing agreement with search giant Google. This deal was helpful for Yahoo in short term as they're getting more ads hence more revenue from Google. But in long term, they are doing nothing but sleeping with the enemy. All this is just to stay away from Microsoft.

But fate it seems, Yang has run out of options now. Google has said bye bye.

Many of the Yahoo senior executives left the ship already, others are going one by one. Share are now in 13-16$ range. Finally, Yang is now asking Microsoft to offer another deal for Yahoo. Another option can be merging with AOL, but it is again difficult due to AOL's relationship with Time Warner.

Balmer must be very happy with all this.

Microsoft is happy as the control is in their hands now. Beggars are not choosers. They are getting Yahoo at half the price than their previous offer. But considering the market situation few months before and now, Microsoft has also came down. Hence its not very easy for Microsoft as well. But with the power of money, they can do it.

What about Mr. Carl Ichan ?

He had plans to make great money with old Microsoft deal, but now being one of the major shareholder in Yahoo, he is also the part of the sinking ship.

Why all this happened ? Where exactly Yahoo went wrong ? As per my view, they did almost nothing in last 2 years compare to their competitors - Google and Microsoft. Both advanced with their own talent, research and acquisitions - power of money. Yahoo lacked on all these fronts. They also lost their talent, their senior management executives one by one which worsen the situation. This failure was well exploited by wall street to put immense pressure on Yahoo board. They failed to manage it well and made wrong decisions. Now the situation is not under their control. What they'll end up with ? Only time will tell ...

Cluture, Food, In General ...

Today I attended a family get together in Dombivali. Typical faces, hi hello stuff, introductions, pangat style food, agrah etc. etc. etc. .. upto some extent I enjoy it but sometimes it becomes boring as well. After so many days I saw lot of brahmin faces at once. Only places like girgaon, dadar, parle thane and dombivali have ample quality of brahmins left.

Me being from Ghatkopar for last 25+ years, surrounded by gujjus only. Otherwise who else will give me company on paani puri, sandwitch, dosa, juice, kulfi on roadside gaadis ? It must be all manis bhai, pares bhai, hetal, jigna, kokila ben, ramnik bhai and Baa only :-) And all baban, santos, bablu as gaadiwalas serving dishes. Paani puri wale ke paas to apnaa debit account hai. I pay him once at the begining every week and he keeps all the hisaab. Going out for coffee at late night after 12:30 is another experience. My sis gives me company most of the time. Actually its her who asks me to go out for coffee at such odd times... whatever ... Finding a coffeewala who carries coffee can on his bicycle .. waaah ...

One great food love incidence when I took my sister to maddu mess. Maddu mess is a place outside IIT campus, a small house in which a guy called maddu (dont know his real name) makes dosas. The USP is he starts his dosa making at 4:45 am and closes it at 8:30 am. And in that time almost all hungry iitians jump in there after spending whole night in their labs. Few months back when my sister was preparing for her final semester exam, I forced her to come to maddu mess once. She finished her studies by 4:30 and we took a ric to go there. I was 'highly respected' guy there as I was with a girl ;-) I told my sis not to call me mandar dada :-D . Despite of he surrounding atmosphere, the taste was awesome .. we had few idlis, medu wadas, daal wadas, onion dosas  and at the end a solid tasty coffee. What a treat for my sis .. he he he ...
But due to maddu food effect my sis got 70% up for the first time in her engineering and won the fast track watch from me. This is a secret .. the reason behind great IIT brains ;-)

Secret behind Chrome logo

Have you used Google's Chrome browser ? If not you must have seen its logo at least. This is how it is created:

Nice one .. Isn't it ?

A New Target - GMAT

Adding another task to my already busy schedule now. Have decided to give GMAT by Q2-2010. Kept a long time to study - 2 full yrs. Lets see how much I can do. Thinking of doing PGPX or something similar in 2011.

By that time recession will be definitely over (if it ever starts ..) and world will need fresh, new great leaders at that time .. he he he .. just kidding ... Want to do something in corporate strategy. Hope I'll be able to do it.

But is it a good strategy to reveal the plans in public ?? ;-)